How SalesCycle365TM Pharma CRM will benefit you?

Cloud Based Mobility

SalesCycle365TM CRM is a cloud-based software, allowing sales reps to optimum flexibility and mobility. Sales reps can download a list of their key accounts and plan their schedules from any browser from any location. No more being tied down at a desk to submit reports or obtain important sales figures! SalesCycle365TM also do not require any investments in server hardware or IT support.

Designed for Pharmaceutical Sales

SalesCycle365TM CRM is specially designed to suit the pharmaceutical industry’s sales cycle and processes. From its user experience (UX) design to its robust functionalities, SalesCycle365TM is built to meet the demands of the industry’s professional sales force. Forget about manually tabulating quotas and figures, SalesCycle365TM automatically produces the right reports so that the sales force can focus on building customer relationships and closing deals.

Continuous Innovation

As your business grow, you can easily scale with SalesCycle365TM CRM. New features and system enhancements are delivered seamlessly behind-the-scenes with no interruptions at all, and at no extra cost.
All in ONE

Imagine a central command deck in your Pharma CRM to manage your master data anywhere. This means:

  • Instant data on sales, target and performance.
  • Real-time visibility on leads, transactions and reports.
  • Accurate reporting with a single depository.
  • Seamless follow-up, data transfer as and when necessary.
  • Updated information on products and promotional materials.
Multiple users with respective dashboards

There’s something for everyone. Access to information is based on different clearance levels for security purposes and easy monitoring. Each individual product specialist views only the data that has been assigned, while the manager sees the whole team’s information on the dashboard. SalesCycle365TM Pharma CRM allows personalized content on who gets to “view only”, “view & input” or “view, input & edit entries”.

Internal Broadcasting system

Sales and product managers can share information, updates and internal announcements with selected audiences and keep those involved in the loop. This Internal Broadcasting System is vital in ensuring that all effort is working towards a common goal, especially with a sales force that is constantly on the move and in the field. This communication feature can be date or time-triggered and it’s centralized for easy reference. Announcements are displayed on the front page next to the dashboard for high visibility. Everyone can stay informed of the latest developments and never miss an important announcement again.

Monthly Sales Target

Set a monthly sales target for each territory or product specialist, and specify cut-off dates according to your company’s sales cycle. Targets and dates are set by the sales manager, and can be viewed by individual product specialists. A new set of targets are set each year, allowing for annual fine-tuning of the sales team’s KPIs against company objectives. Actual sales achieved will then be benchmarked against these monthly sales target set. Get in touch with us with your monthly sales targets and cut-off dates, and we will setup a trial account for you right away!

Manage various reports

There can be purpose or target-driven daily or ad hoc analysis, communicated via different reports for the sales team and/or managers; such as but not limited to:

  • Sales Reps
    1. Actual vs. Forecast
    2. Prospective vs. Upsold
    3. Hospital/Doctor-specific information
    4. Average time for field service/lead conversion
    5. Customer Satisfaction
    6. Appointment & Follow-ups
  • Managers
    1. Call Reports
      From pre, post and overall call rate summaries, better understand the challenges faced by sales reps in the field, the competence of products and marketing collaterals to adjust branding campaigns accordingly, if necessary.
    2. Sales Performance Report
      To define important metrics based on the accumulated information, identify a pettern, trend or possible issues at different stages in the sales process based on time, people and revenue-based reports so that everyone can spend their time and effort in the right place.
Because no two are the same

No more waiting for separate reports from different departments in confoundedly different spreadsheet formats. SalesCycle365TM is a Pharma CRM built to piece together all the vital information for sales reps and managers alike in a comprehensive and comparative manner.

  • Activities in Calendar
    Sales reps can monitor personalized Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and enjoy heads up on daily tasks. Create pre-call, post-call, non-field or other activities which corresponding deadlines and necessary follow-ups.
  • Report Deadlines
    From monthly sales to month-end reports or customer records and sales quotes, managers can get real time view to diagnose and overcome challenges to continuously drive business and performance.