SalesCycle365TM, the cloud-based CRM software designed for the Pharmaceutical industry.

Cloud Based Mobility

SalesCycle365TM CRM is a cloud-based software, allowing sales reps to optimum flexibility and mobility. Sales reps can download a list of their key accounts and plan their schedules from any browser from any location. No more being tied down at a desk to submit reports or obtain important sales figures! SalesCycle365TM also do not require any investments in server hardware or IT support.

Designed for Pharmaceutical Sales

SalesCycle365TM CRM is specially designed to suit the pharmaceutical industry’s sales cycle and processes. From its user experience (UX) design to its robust functionalities, SalesCycle365TM is built to meet the demands of the industry’s professional sales force. Forget about manually tabulating quotas and figures, SalesCycle365TM automatically produces the right reports so that the sales force can focus on building customer relationships and closing deals.

Continuous Growth and Innovation

As your business grow, you can easily scale with SalesCycle365TM CRM. New features and system enhancements are delivered seamlessly behind-the-scenes with no interruptions at all, and at no extra cost. Benefit from system-wide upgrades together with others in the pharma industry using our CRM.
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